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FOREST OWL birthday ADVENTURES - Awesome woodland parties

"this is my age! i'm in the prime of my youth and i will only be young once"

Birthday Adventures

Forest Owl Adventures - Woodland Children's Birthday Parties


What could be better than getting outdoors with your friends and having a forest adventure?



Do you run if it rains ?

Yes we run in all weathers, rain or shine, please check the forecast and dress accordingly. The only time we will cancel is if there are really strong winds


What should we wear ?

We will be outside for all of the session, you must wear long sleeves and long trousers. Strong waterproof footwear, wellies are ideal. Lots of layers and hats. If it looks like it may rain then waterproofs too.


Can adults stay ?

Yes, in fact we will need some helpers to keep things running smoothly and safe. We need one adult helper per 5 children.


How many people ?

We find an ideal number is 10 but the minimum is 1 and the max is 12 (please see above for adult ratios).


How long do the parties last ?

We have found that 2-3 hours is the best length for a Forest party but please arrive 15 mins earlier to get ready. At our Grafham site please allow extra time to park and walk to the wood.



The only time we cancel parties due to weather is when its really windy,in fact is has to be over 42 mph (thats a lot!) and there is a real danger of falling debris. This is very rare and we generally know well in advance.



Our parking varies from site to site but are generally limited so please car share where possible.



Please arrange to arrive at the site 15 mins before the session is due to start, due to restrictions imposed by our sites you may not be allowed entry after the session start time



Join us in our beautiful private woods, for a birthday to remember.


We now offer three exciting birthday party formats:


2 hour Woodland adventure - Click Here


3 hour Woodland adventure with Indiana the Barn Owl - Click Here


3 hour Ultimate hide and seek - Click Here


Parties last two action packed hours, starting at either 10.00am or 2.00pm





Grafham in Cambridgeshire - Our flagship base, 11 acres of beautiful varied woodlands and only 20 mins from Bedford




Each party includes Forest Owl adventure kit (worth £40) which includes a tarp for shelter building, some paracord, tent pegs, a really cool torch for night adventures, an amazing gadget that has a compass, thermometer, whistle, similar to the one pictured above so you can continue the adventure when you get home-Contents may vary from photo

All you need to bring is a cake, some candles and a camera... don’t forget your wellies


Forest Owl Adventures, Owlswick, Grafham Rd, Ellington. Cambs PE28 0AF Tel 01234 868637